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Please help identify our classmates in the Frisbee home room photos.  Here is what we have for the 57-58 photo.  

Frisbee Home Room 1957-58 

Top Row Left to Right:

Lee Philbrick, ?,  Tom Despres, Jim Boyer, Home Room Teacher, ?, Guy LaClair, ?, Robert Watts

Second Row: 

Valdena Chick, Judith Ricker, Barbara Drewry?, Charlie Prince, Jay Smith

Third Row:

Cheryl Moulton?, Joyce Dalzell, Teacher?, Teacher?, Teacher?, Barbara Hubbard, Ellen Bitomski

Fourth Row:

Carol Edwards?, Kathy Bell, ?, Laura Keihl, Pauline Buco, ?

Bottom Row:

?, Roy Freeman, ?, Barbara Glasgow, ?


If anyone has additional photos they would like to share, please scan and send to Tom Despres